This blog discusses about controlling Sinamics S120 drive motion using Simatic S7–1500 and TIA Portal software. In our example, a drive unit is to be assembled for a motor. The following components are required for the drive unit:

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled before you start:

This blog discusses about Sinamics S120 drive commissioning using Starter software. In our example, a drive unit is to be assembled for a motor. The following components are required for the drive unit:

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled before you start commissioning:

This blog introduces the hardware setup of Sinamics S120 drive. Sinamics is family of drives from Siemens designed for machine and plant engineering applications. Depending on application, different versions of Sinamics are available. Discussion of this blog is based on Sinamics S120.

Sinamics S120 is best suited for industrial applications due to its modular drive system. The following components are available with the Sinamics S120 drive.

Control Unit

The Control Units are designed for operation connected directly to a…

This blog introduces “STARTER” and “TIA Portal STARTDRIVE” software’s, used for controlling single phase and three phase motors. Installation procedure for both the software’s are discussed.


Starter is a commissioning tool from siemens, used to configure and control SINAMICS drives for automation. The software can be ordered in the DVD format or can be downloaded from the official siemens website. The software can be used free of charge without entering a license key.

If you choose to download the software from website, select the current version of the zip folder to download. Unzip the folder and execute “start.exe” file. …

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… GO

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) being one of the world’s top space agency has created another world record of successfully sending launch vehicle to south pole of Moon. This is not the first mission of ISRO to the Moon, back in 2008 ISRO has launched Chandrayaan-1 for exploring the surface of Moon. But this time, Chandrayaan-2 has more cool stuff and got to reveal more secrets of Moon. It takes 48 days for the launch vehicle to reach Moon.

About Mission

Chandrayaan-2 mission is to study the key points like Lunar Topography, Seismography, Mineral Identification, Surface Chemical Composition, and Temperatures…

This article is about setting up and configuring Siemens S7–1500 Controller. The S7 Controller having CPU1512C-1PN is suitable for medium applications like controlling pumps, fans mixers, conveyor belts, and lifting platforms. In this article, communicating with S7 controller using Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal is explained. The article is divided into three sections, Wiring the Hardware, Configuring CPU1512C-1PN, and Programming using TIA Portal.

Wiring the Hardware

The S7-Controller requires power supply of 24V DC. Simatic PM1507 is used to power up the S7-Controller that converts input 230 V AC to output 24V DC. The power supply consist of small…

This article explains setting up Container Management Tool Kubernetes on Dell Edge Gateway 5100.


Preparing Dell Edge Gateway

Dell Edge Gateway runs on Ubuntu server. Once the device is powered on login to it.

Default Username : ubuntu

Password : nil (just enter to login)

Next connect the gateway to WiFi. To do this check whether the wireless is blocked or not by using below command

rfkill list all

This article explains how to install Mqtt broker on Siemens Simatic IoT2040. In this article Mosca Mqtt broker is used.

System Model:

The Modbus Energy Meter is used as client that publishes Voltage, Current, and Frequency values to Mosca broker installed on Siemens Simatic IoT2040. The broker on Simatic will then publish the data to NETPIE APP ID that is subscribed to the same topic as publisher.

Getting Started:

The Simatic IoT2040 works based on Yocto Linux, the image need to be installed on SD -card and should be inserted into Simatic. …

This document explains how to read from Ultrasonic Ranger using Simatic IoT2040. Python acts as communication bridge between Ranger and Simatic. The received data is then sent to NETPIE using ​ NETPIE client library​ for Python.

1. Siemens Simatic IoT2040
2. Ultrasonic Ranger ( SRF485WPR )
3. Power supply ( 12V DC for Ranger & 24V DC for Simatic )
4. Python3

Ultrasonic Ranger SRF485WPR:

The Ultrasonic Ranger is used to detect the distance of the target object by transmitting a sound signal that reflects back to the transmitter after hitting the target. Ultrasonic sensors are used in wide…

This article explains how to read data from Mitsubishi Modbus Energy Meter using industrial gateway Siemens Simatic IoT2040. The Simatic IoT2040 is the most preferred choice for industries to make their production data visualized in the domain of Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT).


Simatic IoT2040 Specifications:

Mitsubishi Modbus Energy Meter Specifications:

Karthik Muthineni

Co-Researcher at National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)

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